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The rule in a successful way of texting girls is to have lots of funny and interesting conversations. Instead of asking too many questions about her and her life it is better to warm the atmosphere with funny and interesting conversations. In addition to being able to entertain her, this can also build a close relationship with good and intimacy will be established quickly and this is a way to lure women who just know to get close. Discuss the things she likes so you can get to know her better. And it will be a great addition to the topic if you have something in common in your favor. Always give a good impression during texting with her so that he feels comfortable chatting with you and this will provide added value to you as a good man in her eyes. Don't be like a sad and desperate guy who always sends 'pings' if she replies to your message for a long time. If you do that she will feel uncomfortable with you.

Discuss topics that she finds interesting. On social media, there are always lots of new things with diverse topics that are almost always there every day. You can use these topics as conversation starters for the following days. And choose topics that relate to her interests and passion. Don't talk about your favorite soccer team or updated news about cars if she is not at all interested and doesn't like these things. Men who are connected, cool and open are preferred by women to talk to. Therefore, try to be a cool man who is invited to talk about anything even about the life of a girl though. And this is one way to be a woman's dream man.

Use funny stickers and emoticons to make the conversation more exciting. Cute and adorable stickers and emoticons that are now widely available in chat services and applications can be capital to start a conversation and to greet her. Take advantage of these features to make your chat atmosphere more fun and exciting. If you have managed to build a good relationship with her via chat and text then this is the time for you to meet her.