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Boarding Room Design Inspiration Without Using Paint

Having a dorm room will feel more comfortable and enjoyable if you decorate it. With woodstock painters, you can get what you want, including designing your beautiful boarding house to be more pleased. However, usually, you shouldn't paint the boarding room walls by the owner, but you don't need to worry because you can design a boarding room without using paint. Here are inspiring boarding room designs without using makeup.

1. Temporary Wallpaper
The color and design of wallpaper can be an option to beautify the walls of your boarding room without having to paint it. This wallpaper can be disassembled as you like. It's more comfortable and more economical! You can also use temporary wallpaper if you want to move to a new boarding house.

2. Tapestry
For this one, you can decorate your boarding room with a rug, and if you want to hang a rug on furniture, the width of the rug should be two-thirds the width of the furniture to make it look proportionate. The method for using this usually uses ordinary iron beams or sticks to hang curtains. Therefore, your room will feel more nuanced.

3. Using a Mirror

Not new anymore if the mirror can change the room to be more spacious. The mirror will make the room feel more open and bright because the natural light enters. The function of a large mirror on the wall becomes a trick so that the room looks more prominent and is useful for decorating an empty wall. For those of you who have a small boarding room, hopefully, this trick can be your inspiration!

4. Wall Gallery

You can also decorate a boarding room by creating a wall gallery. That way, you can also express your personality and desires through photographs or other design prints.

5. Tumblr Lights

Tumblr lights are being loved by teenagers right now. They put it on the wall as a decoration of the bed lights. Besides, this decoration will also give the impression of your boarding room rooms becoming more beautiful.

Those are some simple ideas to beautify your boarding house. Good luck!

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