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Several Types Of Roof Tile Paint

The roof is a protective shelter from exposure to rain and burning sun. In addition to beautifying the exterior appearance of the dwelling, you also have to make sure that the tile is made of good quality material and coated with proper tile paint so as to provide guaranteed long-term durability.

In addition to choosing the right tile material, you also have to choose the best tile paint that not only produces finishing with the appearance you want but also in accordance with the tile base material so that it is more optimal in providing protection.

Through this article, woodstock painters will share tips that you can do to choose the best tile paint as a guarantee of durability and protection from damage. What tile paint can you use?

Styrene Acrylic
The first choice, you can choose tile paint containing the styrene-acrylic formula. This content has a good ability to protect the surface of the tile from the influence of weather, including providing maximum protection against mold and mildew, as well as producing a glossy finish on the tile in your home. Meanwhile, the use of tile paint is not only used on clay tiles but also concrete roof tiles and asbestos roofs.

Alkyd Synthetic
You can also choose tile paint made with synthetic alkyd formulations. Having a fairly strong character with a glossy finish, this paint also has good resistance to mold and weather. Now, besides being used as tile paint on clay or concrete roofing materials, paint with the main ingredient as synthetic alkyd can also be used to dye wood and iron surfaces.

Primary Zinc Chromate
Some minimalist houses are now starting to leave the use of clay tile and replace it with metal tile because it is considered to have better resistance. Especially for metal tile, you should use tile paint that contains zinc chromate as a base material, where this content can protect metal tile from corrosion so that it lasts for long-term use.

Acrylic Resin
Alternatively, you can use tile paint containing acrylic resin base ingredients. You can apply this paint directly on the concrete tile, asbestos, or clay tile, has a hard film coating, good durability, can dry quickly and produce a glossy finish.

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