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If you want to apply a healthy lifestyle, of course, you have to increase the portion of eating vegetables and fruits and reduce non-nutritious and fried foods. One menu of super healthy foods that can not be separated from your healthy impression is a salad. Now salads are one of the brunch menus consumed by people on a diet. Dieting does not mean not eating at all, but still maintaining the contents of the stomach with a healthier quality of food. Usually, dieters only consume a little food in the morning, then eat at brunch, lunch, and finally a dinner that is not too late. Visit to get the best brunch spot.

Behind the strange taste for some people, vegetable salads have many benefits because they consist of highly nutritious vegetables that are consumed directly without passing the cooking process. Without the firing process, the vegetables will be healthier. In addition to helping the diet process, there are other benefits of eating vegetable salads:

- Prevent cancer
Vegetables in vegetable salads contain various vitamins and minerals and are rich in natural antioxidants so they are very good at preventing cancer. Try making a salad with a mixture of berries, pears, apples, carrots, tomatoes, and beans.

- Constipation
Fiber-rich salads will help smooth the digestive system while cleansing the intestines of toxins and waste substances that trigger the disease. Eating salads every day will help encourage bowel movements and improve metabolism.

- Antioxidants
You will get lots of antioxidant intake from fresh fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants play an important role in preventing the bad effects of free radicals and repairing damaged cells from free radicals, and the most important thing is to keep you young.

- Maintaining bone health
Vegetable salads are also very good for supporting bone health so you avoid various bone problems such as osteoporosis. Especially by adding green cabbage and spinach to the contents of your vegetable salad which is known to be very good for maintaining bone health.