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You want to be comfortable while at work, imagine that comfort, think of beautiful things and make you comfortable, without you knowing you will do the thing in your mind. This situation is a fact, so almost all people are not aware that their thoughts will guide the behavior that they do at that time

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When you work, motivation is needed, especially when work is piling up, you are tired and you feel very uncomfortable with the atmosphere in the office. Are you going to think bad things about the situation? Start thinking about something more beautiful, start to sip your favorite drink, do you like coffee?

If you like to drink coffee, just make a cup of coffee and sip the coffee, forget for a moment your work. Think that this coffee is very delicious, with the coffee you are sure that the work will be more easily overcome. Then, while drinking coffee you can write your favorite song, whistle as long as it does not disturb the people around you, this can open your mind to become more relaxed.

Positive thoughts will arise if you relax and feel like you have nothing to lose. Do not mind the situation around you, let your colleagues pass as long as it does not disturb you.

After that, think about if your work is done, you can get a big bonus and be able to vacation abroad with your family. From a positive mindset that will emerge work motivation by itself. Convince yourself that by thinking positive things will become easier. A positive mindset will make you more motivated at work, make your success more real.