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Sleeping with a pillow is a comfortable thing to increase the quality of rest. Some people even have Kissen mit Spruch to make their break more comfortable. But actually, is a good sleep with a pillow or without a pillow? The main reason you use a pillow is most likely to keep your head, neck, and spine in harmony and comfort.

When you walk upright, your head and neck in a vertical position above the spine, supported by complex muscles. However, during sleep, the muscles that support you while walking in a relaxed state can cause your head to fall back or forward.

That is where the pillow functions to put your head and neck parallel to the spine. But sleeping with a pillow does not always guarantee you wake up without neck pain. Sometimes, you experience pain in the neck even though you have slept with a pillow under your head. The following are some reasons why you need to speep without a pillow :

Sleeping without a pillow will help extend the health of your back. Sleeping without a pillow will make you rest in a natural position without pain or health consequences.

Using a soft pillow can filter the muscles of your neck and even reduce blood flow to your head. If your head is tilted down on top but the pillow does not provide sufficient support for your head, then the airflow through the respiratory system will be significantly reduced.

That's what makes you most likely to wake up the next morning feeling dizzy or with a severe headache.

On the other hand, using a thick pillow or stacking two to three pillows under the head and neck will damage the position of the spine and cause pain in your back. Sleeping in this position for longer periods will only cause chronic back pain and frequent muscle tension.

If you start to feel pain in the morning, get rid of the pillow immediately. And try to sleep one night without a pillow to see if your back or neck pain is gone or not.