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Sometimes when we gather with people around at the party without entertainment like hiring a magician gold coast, we feel the atmosphere of silence because the talk material that has been discussed is up or doesn't know what else to do. Moreover, coupled with a snack that has run out, of course, all have felt bland. Relax, when this situation is, it's time you become a hero to break the ice. Just show the magic you have learned. Before being given the trick, you must keep in mind that magic is all just a skill that only relies on "sharpness" hands, manipulation of the eye or the work of equipment. Magic can also be done by combining a chemical reaction that has been best trained by the magician. So, all of that magic can be learned by everyone, guys. Do not ever consider it the same as mysticism, if there is any it is not a true magician.

Now, before getting to the point, it would be nice if we knew first the general grouping of magic. So the magic is divided into 2, namely:

1. Close up magic. The form of magic is shown from a distance as close as possible. Magic is usually done with simple tools such as paper money, handkerchiefs, paper money and coins and so on. Because it requires close range visuals, this magic can be done anywhere.

2. Remote visual magic or commonly known as stage magic. This form of magic is usually shown on large events that require a stage or in a special room. This magic requires a lot of spectators and certainly the effect produced is greater than close up magic.

That is why if you want to entertain the guest at your party and you are not confident with the magic tricks you have on your sleeve you could always hire a magician to liven up your party and maybe learn a new simple trick that you could use in another party.