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Carpet is one f the most popular type of floor covering that many people used not only in their home but also in offices or commercial buildings. However, carpet mostly used in homes because it provides warmth and comfort every house deserves. Even though carpet maintenance is relatively easy, without proper and thorough cleaning by a professional Carpet Cleaning North Shore service your carpet could be dangerous for you and your family's health. The carpet with a thick and dense type of fur or fibers will be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria for children. Here is an effective way to clean your home with best commercial carpet cleaning equipment.

1. If the carpet is stained with dirt that is wet like water, oil or any type of liquid, you can use cornflour to absorb it. Sprinkle the flour in the dirty and wet area and let it absorbed for a couple of minutes. You could vacuum the carpet after the cornflour dry.

2. Before vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner, sweep the surface of the carpet first to get rid of large amounts of dirt. A big object like dirt or food debris could clog the vacuum cleaner so make sure you get rid of it first.

3. The use of carpet cleaning machines will be more effective if the dirty spots on the carpet have already been smeared with stain cleaning fluid or special liquid to clean the carpet. If you don't have one, you should call a professional carpet cleaner.

4. Stubborn stains and odors that still smell on the surface of the carpet can be cleaned with a carpet cleaning machine, and additional hot water and cleaning chemical to wash the fibers.

5. In using a carpet cleaning machine, you can enter the cleaning fluid to be mixed with water in the engine tank. Follow the instructions for using the machine to find out the exact size of the stain cleaning fluid. However, it will be easier and much faster to use the service of carpet cleaning service.

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